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Governor Cooper Calls HB2 Anniversary ‘Dark’ Day

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the passage of House Bill 2 into law in North Carolina. The law immediately drew criticism from LGBT advocacy organizations and some high-profile businesses. The National Basketball Association, NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference all pulled sporting events out of the Tar Heel state due to the law. HB2 was also a key piece in the gubernatorial campaign between then Governor Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper, who was North Carolina’s Attorney General. Cooper went on to defeat McCrory in the general election, which marked the first time an incumbent seeking a second term had...

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Meyer: HB2 Changes Just ‘Political Ploy’ That Won’t Fix Issues

The North Carolina General Assembly is coming down the home stretch of the short legislative session hoping to be finish up the remaining legislation to bring the session to a close before the July 4 weekend. Local House Representative Graig Meyer said in an interview Wednesday afternoon that “the final week of a legislative session is always rushed.” He added, “The fact that we’re coming up on the Fourth of July weekend is adding some pressure, both in terms of people wanting to be done so that we can go home for the holiday and not have to come...

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Meyer: House Budget “Doesn’t Go Far Enough”

The North Carolina House has passed a budget proposal tweaking the two-year spending plan passed during the long legislative session last year. Now, it’s the North Carolina Senate’s turn to produce a budget. From there work will begin in committee meetings to nail down the final product that will make its way to the desk of Governor Pat McCrory. This year’s House budget passed through the chamber with more bipartisan support than we have been used to in recent years. “Because they felt they wanted to get behind the state employees and teacher raises that were included in the...

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OC Rep. Introduces Bill to Help Teachers Pay Loans

State lawmakers have introduced a bill to help teachers pay off their student loans. Rep. Graig Meyer (D-Orange, Durham), along with some of his democratic colleagues, introduced House Bill 1031 – the North Carolina Teacher Help Fund. The fund will give up 38.5 million of education lottery funds to public school teachers to help pay off their student loans. Meyer, himself a former public school employee, said they would use funds from a major Powerball drawing in January. “We’d like the windfall from the lottery profits to be a jackpot for North Carolina teachers,” said Meyer. He said they would...

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Local Rep Files Bill to Repeal HB2

Members of the North Carolina General Assembly are migrating to Raleigh on Monday for the convening of the legislative short session, although the legislature has been in the national spotlight over the last month after a special session was called to pass House Bill 2. Local representative from House District 50 Graig Meyer was one of a group of lawmakers who filed a bill on Monday asking for a full repeal of HB2. Our bill to #RepealHB2 has been filed. It is HB 946. #ncga #ncpol — Rep. Graig Meyer (@GraigMeyer) April 25, 2016 “There are at least...

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