Danny Lloyd

CHPD’s SERT Ready For Crisis Situations

CHAPEL HILL – Tragedies like the Boston Marathon Bombings and the Newtown Shootings have put personal safety in question more than ever before. On a local level, there was a suspicious package found on UNC’s campus last week, and Duke University recently experienced a bomb threat. Small incidents in comparison, but ones that still keep us on edge. The Chapel Hill Police Department’s held the final day of the Citizen’s Police Academy Sunday.  Some attendees, like Cindy Williams, asked officers questions about how they would handle a bomb threat or shooting. Williams and other participants got a behind-the-scenes look as SERT: the  CHPD’s Special Emergency Response Team. SERT went through several real-life simulations, from rescuing a citizen with life-threatening injuries to tracking-down a suspect on the run. One of the scenarios involved deploying flashbang stun grenade. It’s a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy’s senses.   “Knowing that they have a response team like SERT that can respond along with the regular patrol officers working an event is comforting,” Williams said. “I think particularly on a football Saturday where there’s a lot of traffic already—there’s no doubt in my mind that these guys can get somewhere quick.” Cpt. Danny Lloyd explained that last year, SERT acquired the massive Armor Personnel Carrier from a federal surplus. He says the vehicle allows for faster response times in emergency...

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