CHAPEL HILL – After months of searching, UNC has named Howard Kallem its new Title IX Compliance Coordinator.

Kallem is a recognized expert in Title IX compliance and is currently the chief regional attorney of the District of Columbia Enforcement Office for the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Howard Kallem; Photo courtesy UNC

Howard Kallem; Photo courtesy UNC


OCR is responsible for ensuring civil rights enforcement and compliance with Title IX, as well as other federal nondiscrimination legislation.

As Title IX Compliance Coordinator, Kallem will be responsible for coordinating the University’s conformity with statutory and regulatory requirements under Title IX, the federal legislation that covers gender discrimination. He will oversee campus wide education, training and outreach around Title IX issues, and coordinate the University’s responses and investigations into Title IX complaints. Kallem will start the job on January 2, 2014.

This comes at a time when the University is facing three federal investigations into its handling of sexual assault cases.

In an email message announcing the hiring, Brenda Malone, Vice Chancellor For Human Resources, thanked Christi Hurt, who has served as interim Title IX coordinator since April. Hurt led the work of the Title IX Task Force, which was charged with re-writing the University’s sexual assault policies.

Hurt is on-leave as director of the Carolina Women’s Center and will serve as interim coordinator until Kallem’s arrival.

Hallem will report to Malone, who is serving as interim equal opportunity/ADA director until that position is filled.

Chancellor Carol Folt will also hire two additional staff members related to Title IX compliance:  a direct student engagement and programming officer and an investigator.