CHAPEL HILL-A student-run organization in UNC’s School of Public Health is doing its part to combat the global water crisis—and next week, local residents will also have the opportunity to get involved.

On Friday March 1, the group, known as “A Drink For Tomorrow,” will be holding its second annual banquet to benefit its projects. Carolina sophomore Kyle Vilemain (VIL-uh-MAIN), who’s involved in the organization, says all proceeds from the event will go toward clean water and sanitation projects in Latin American countries.

“We’re having a great speaker, Felix Dodds, who works in sustainable development for the UN,” he says. “He’s going to be talking about the relationship between climate change and the water crisis and how they affect each other.”

The group’s projects, including the banquet, are part of a water-themed program on UNC’s campus. Vilemain says the endeavor officially began this year.

“It was the outgrowth of a 2011 academic plan that was started by Chancellor Thorp,” he says. “This year and next, the entire university is focused on the theme of water. That means classes focusing on water, increasing research on water, and increasing funding for projects on water.”

UNC also has a world-leading water institute dedicated to getting grant money for water-related issues.

Vilemain says he first became interested in becoming a part of the ongoing effort during his first days at Carolina.

“My freshman year, I was looking to get involved in a student organization and help communities abroad,” he says. “So, this really caught my attention.”

The banquet will take place from 6:00-7:30 in the Great Hall on UNC’s campus. Tickets are $15 for students and $35 for non-students.

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