Orange County representative in the North Carolina House Verla Insko has been selected to serve as the House Democratic Whip for the 2017-2018 legislative session.

House Democratic leader Darren Jackson said Insko was well positioned to execute the duties associated with the position.

“Rep. Insko’s experience makes her an ideal member of our leadership team,” Jackson said in a release on Wednesday. She is a strong progressive voice, but knows how to work with all members of our caucus to make us as effective as possible.”

The Whip position works to “communicate and coordinate” among legislators “to line up votes on important issues.”

House Deputy Democratic leader Robert Reives II said he felt Insko’s experience would allow for work to move forward in several key areas.

“Verla Insko will help us work closely with Governor Roy Cooper on key issues such as investing in public education at all levels, health care accessibility, and extending social justice.”

Insko has been appointed by House leadership to serve on several committees including Appropriations.

Insko is in her 11th term serving in the North Carolina House.