Nearly 200 animals seized from a Chatham County home in July are on their way to a dozen different shelters.

“Each organization that is getting animals will be evaluating their temperament and any ongoing medical issues, but certainly the vast majority is going to be adoptable,” says Debra Henzey, Chatham County’s Director of Community Relations.

Last month, the Sheriff’s Department, animal control officials and a coalition of nonprofits worked to rescue 131 cats, 23 dogs, 11 horses, 14 birds, eight goats, two cows, and one large pig from a home on Silk Hope Gum Spring Road in Pittsboro.

The animals were allegedly kept in unsanitary, overcrowded conditions. Henzey says many are still being treated for medical conditions.

“Just about all of the cats and dogs had to be spayed and neutered, and then there were an array of infections, skin issues, ear and eye infections,” says Henzey.

Shelters and rescue groups as far away as Virginia and Washington D.C. have offered to take in animals. That’s due in part to the wide variety of creatures involved, but also to avoid overwhelming any one shelter.

“We are a rural county and our shelter is not huge, by any means,” says Henzey. “This is a way of getting animals out to groups that specialize in particular types of animals.”

She notes that collaboration was made possible by the Humane Society of the U.S. Officials with the Humane Society say the Chatham County animal seizure is the largest the organization has handled in the nation so far this year.

At the local level, Henzey says about 30 cats will be housed at the Chatham County Animal Shelter.

“We truly would appreciate Chatham County and local residents coming to our shelter to adopt. We always have more incoming animals and the more that are adopted out, the more we can help other animals in need.”

The animals have been officially surrendered to the county, but no charges have been filed against the owner. The Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the case.

A list of Humane Society partners that have accepted some of the rescued animals for adoption include:

Chatham County Animal Shelter,
Chatham Animal Rescue & Education (CARE), Pittsboro, NC,
Safe Haven for Cats, Raleigh, NC
SPCA of Wake County,
Red Dog Farm, Greensboro, NC, dogs and cows,
Horse Helpers of the High Country, Boone, NC, horses, pig and goats,
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Indian Trail, NC, poultry only,
Norfolk SPCA, Norfolk, VA,
Virginia Beach SPCA, Virginia Beach, VA,
Angels of Assisi, Roanoke VA,
Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, Arlington VA
Washington Animal Rescue League, Washington DC