CHAPEL HILL – After severe flooding in early July, Camelot Village faced serious water damage, destroying many residents’ belongings and homes.

Clean-up has been a lengthy process. Camelot Village manager, Joel Duvall, says the three restoration companies hired have had to do a large amount of work.

“The three restoration companies are making good progress in drying out the units,” says Duvall. “They had to actually cut out the sheet rock, remove all the carpeting and lower cabinets. They are checking the electrical they’ve got underwater, so that’s a lot of work.”

Duvall says the Town of Chapel Hill lent support to the clean-up effort.

“The Town, as of last Tuesday or Wednesday, is providing some extra dumpsters for us to fill with personal property that the residents left behind,” says Duvall. “I am anticipating all that trash will be cleaned up in the next few days.”

Duvall says the insurance company has not yet approved all of the construction, so estimates on cost for clean-up are not determined.

He predicts that the floods did not impact the tax value of Camelot Village, but says he is unsure if the price at which these condos sell for will change.

“What they sell for, we’ll see,” says Duvall. “We’ve had another bad flood in the year 2000 and the values did not change much.”

Some residents with little water damage have already moved back into their homes. Duvall says about fifty residents who live in homes with a lower elevation may face months away from their homes before they can return.

“Some of them only had wet carpet in their living rooms and they never had to leave,” said Duvall. “Some of them will be probably two or three months out.”

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