ORANGE COUNTY – Hillsborough resident Bonnie Hauser announced she will seek a seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

Hauser said she will campaign for Commissioners Chair Barry Jacobs’ at-large seat. Jacobs has not announced whether or not he will seek a fifth term.

WCHL’s Rachel Nash spoke with Hauser Thursday to hear what issues rank at the top of her platform.

“Running for County Commissioner is a logical next step for me. I know how the County works. I see an opportunity to change how the County does business. Too often, from what I have seen, department heads and planners control the discussions,” Hauser said. “The Commissioners end up approving funds for new buildings and obsolete services. I would like to work to bring a real agenda to the table and explore new ways to address issues.”

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One of Hauser’s major projects in the county was the formation of Orange Voice in 2008, which opposed the construction of an airport and waste transfer station in the county. She has also been involved with the local social justice group, Justice United.

Hauser said if she were elected to the Board, she will work to make education the first item funded in the County’s budget.

“What happens is today, schools are funded last after the County has funded all of their pet projects. Schools are an easy way to ask voters for a tax increase. If schools are our priority, then we have to fund them first.”