Increasing pay for some of the lowest-paid employees of the Town of Carrboro is on the proposed budget up for discussion Tuesday night.

Town Manager David Andrews presented the $29.5 million budget for FY 2014-15 at the Board of Aldermen meeting last week, and the public will have an opportunity to offer comments at Tuesday night’s meeting at Town Hall.

The plan calls for a two-percent cost-of-living wage for town workers, as well as an incentive bonus for some of the lowest-paid workers, based on performance reviews.

The Town also recommends creating two more full-time positions – one in the Manager’s Office, to work on affordable housing; and the other in the Police and Fire Departments, where two part-time positions would be expanded.

The budget calls for the property tax to remain at 59 cents, and cites a growth in sales tax revenue.

The meeting takes place Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Town Hall is located at 301 West Main Street in Carrboro.

You can read the proposed budget here.