CARRBORO- Regardless of the outcome in a Wake County courtroom today, three Carrboro Aldermen that were arrested at a June 3 Moral Monday protest at the State Capitol say they’ll continue to push back against what Alderman Sammy Slade calls “extreme measures” of the North Carolina General Assembly.

“The reasons for why people are outraged and trying to express their grievances haven’t changed,” he says. “So why do anything other than ramping it up? Because that’s what they’re going to be doing.”

Slade calls the Moral Monday protests a “snowballing movement,” and predicts that Saturday’s gathering in Raleigh at the “HK on J” rally will be “huge.”

His fellow Moral Monday defendants in Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen expressed the same feelings, after last night’s Aldermen meeting.

Damon Seils urges constituents to march alongside Moral Monday protesters in Raleigh this weekend.

“One way for people to stay involved, or get involved for the first time is to march in the HK on J Rally in Raleigh on Saturday,” he says.

The Annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street march begins with a 9:30 a.m. gathering at Shaw University. Alderman Michelle Johnson, another one of the Moral Monday defendants, says she’ll be there.

“We’re folks who are still impacted by the policies made in Raleigh,” says Johnson, “and so are the people that we represent. So I’ll just keep supporting, and showing up to the Moral Mondays.”