CHAPEL HILL – Two incumbents and two challengers emerged victorious Tuesday night in the race for the Chapel Hill Town Council. Loren Hintz, who came in sixth place, joined Gary Kahn, who finished last, and many other Council candidates at Vimala’s Curryblossom Café to watch the poll results roll in.

“Well, I am disappointed that I didn’t win,” Hintz said, who received with 8.48 percent of the votes.

After he graciously congratulated his colleagues, he added, “I had hopes [that I would win]. I have enjoyed a lot of people telling me that I should run in two years. I also talked to a lot of people who supported me. I appreciate that.”

Out of a field on nine candidates, incumbents Sally Greene and Ed Harrison were re-elected, and George Cianciolo and Maria Palmer claimed the two open seats.

As past Chair of the Transportation Board and involvement with numerous other boards, Hintz has been active in Town politics. He said he hoped the Council would continue its efforts in youth outreach and also work to maintain the environmental protection provisions in the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO).

As to whether he would run again, Hintz said said this, “I don’t know. It would depend upon how many incumbents run for reelection. That’s probably the biggest issue because it makes a big difference.”

Kahn, a Southern Village resident, was frank about his disappointment over the loss.

“I will no longer be involved with Chapel Hill politics. I’m officially resigning from it. I am going to be a part of the 98 percent that couldn’t care less about Chapel Hill. I am becoming a part of that percentage.”

Kahn received 1.27 percent of the votes.

“I’d like to thank the [246] people who voted for me. I probably know at least six of them. Too bad that I didn’t get the financial support that I wanted,” Kahn said.