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Michelle Brownstein Resigns From CHCCS Board of Education

Michelle Brownstein Resigns From CHCCS Board of Education

Dr. Michelle Brownstein, who has been a member of the CHCCS Board of Education since 2009, announced her resignation Monday morning.

Michelle Brownstein

Michelle Brownstein

“I highly value the time I participated as a member of this board and thank the voters for their support in the past two elections,” Brownstein said in her resignation letter, which was sent December 28, 2015. “It has been an honor to serve the public in this manner.”

The Board of Education is next scheduled to meet on January 21 and they will discuss the process to appoint Brownstein’s replacement.

“Speaking on behalf of the board, we appreciate Brownstein’s service and concerns for, as noted in her letter, the quality of education for all the district’s students, especially those who are struggling,” chairman James Barrett said.

Three new board members voted to name James Barrett board chair in early December, outvoting Brownstein and the two other senior members.

At the December meeting, Brownstein had a warning for the new members before the vote for chair. “I want to caution us to avoid tearing down something of value until we are certain we have something of value to replace it with,” she said.

Brownstein also pointed out, at the December meeting, that the board found itself in uncharted waters.

“The seven of us find ourselves in an unprecedented situation,” she said. “The chair seat is vacant, due to retirement, and three of us have just been sworn in and are working very hard to successfully jump on this moving bus.

“The other four completely empathize with this situation. Turns out we also are on a steep learning curve, because we’re trying to figure out what it takes to be a good board with three new board members. And a functional board.”

A link to a full copy of Brownstein’s resignation letter can be found here.

You can submit any comments or concerns by emailing the board at

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