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Art Chansky

Chansky’s Notebook: Who Wears Short Shorts

Three things went terribly wrong with the U.S. Open. The second year of the U.S. Open golf championship being telecast by Fox was a marked improvement from the network’s bumbling debut at Chambers Bay in 2015. At least Holly Sonders wore respectable clothes while conducting inane interviews in front of the giant digital board. But, despite all kinds of graphic gizmos, Fox apparently still doesn’t know where to place cameras. How many times did the player putting block out the hole he was aiming for? Not that hard to figure out, if you have two cameras around the...

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Chansky’s Notebook: God Bless Texas

I guess it makes sense that Baylor is in Texas. Some people who look at the forthcoming presidential election and joke they are leaving the country, say they will move to Canada, Costa Rica or TEXAS. Yes, Texas, because that state has always believed it is a country unto itself, with its size, wealth and proclivity to push the envelope in everything from social class distinction to college athletics. And now comes the strange case of Baylor football. After an ongoing sexual assault scandal erupted at the Waco school, costing Chancellor Kenneth Starr of Bill Clinton-gate fame and...

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Chansky’s Notebook: Dubs Win Without Green

The Warriors will win even without Draymond Green. One of Dean Smith’s favorite axioms was that a team that loses a key player will be very dangerous in its first game without that player. Smith believed that a good team bands together to make up for the player’s absence and, in the short run, it could even be a psychological benefit to play short-handed. The Warriors certainly have the talent to make up for Green, who was suspended from tonight’s game 5 in one of the most controversial rulings in the history of the NBA. Green knew he...

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