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Art Chansky

Chansky’s Notebook: A Stand-Up Guy

Colin Kaepernick succeeded by hitting a nerve in America.   When 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick stayed seated during the national anthem before a recent exhibition game, he made people look in the mirror and say, “How do I really feel about this?”  Most of his fellow athletes and celebrities did not respond, but their silence was deafening. Those who did counter, like his former pro coach and current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh tied themselves up in knots. Harbaugh stammered, then clarified, then shut up. Well, how are you going to be heard in this country, like Muhammad Ali...

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Chansky’s Notebook: Replay Confusion

College football replays are getting way too complicated. The Big Ten was the first conference to institute video reviews in college football. It was a by-product of so many more games being on TV, and the NFL having used replay for years to make sure crucial calls were right or they were overturned. So much money is at stake in pro football, teams don’t want to miss the playoffs on a bum call. Now, colleges are making it more confusing in an attempt to avoid what happened at the Miami-Duke game last year. That seven-lateral touchdown run by the...

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Chansky’s Notebook: Amazing Support for Carolina

Another record-breaking year for Carolina. In the wake of the NCAA investigation into UNC academics coming to an end, alumni and friends of the university have set new records for giving money to their school. Those two things might be unrelated, but I don’t think so. At a time when unbridled support for Carolina was necessary, individual, corporate and foundational donors stepped up big time on both sides of the plate. UNC development under new director David Routh topped last year’s record $447 million by nearly 50 million to $495 million, thanks to nearly 60,000 donors and 12 who...

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Chansky’s Notebook: 3 Was 2 Too Many

Coach K’s selfish Olympic reign is finally over.   Mike Krzyzewski did a tremendous job restoring America’s Olympic mission in basketball. Yes he did. In 2008, when his all-NBA dream team was focused, prepared and regained the gold medal for the U.S. For most coaches, that would have been enough. But not for Coach K the former Army captain. He went back to London as Olympic coach in 2012 and won again, this time with a team that understood what they were playing for and could have been coached to the gold by any number of qualified men....

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Chansky’s Notebook: Why Not a One Team Town?

I will say it again. Chapel Hill should have one high school football team. Just because Chapel Hill has three high schools, why does it need three football teams in a town where football is not very popular among the kids, who win state championships galore in a bunch of other sports? They should have turned off the Friday night lights, which was an embarrassing case in point on opening night. The three local high schools all were shut out and outscored by a whopping 137-0. Chapel Hill got hammered by Durham Riverside, 35-0, East Chapel Hill opened at home...

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