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Where Is The Christian Left?

A perspective from Laura Stillman


Evangelical Christians have made their bed with the Trump Republicans. What a jarring and incongruous reality.  And it’s no cause for celebration among the Christian community. In fact, the Christian Right is giving a bad rap to the faith itself, distorting the actual purpose and work of the Son of God whose name they often claim they’re following.

For so many of us who grew up in the Church and at least have a basic understanding of what we should be doing to represent in the world are gobsmacked by what we see coming from the Christian Right!  And of all the people in the world who should have inspired these Evangelical Christians, no one would have predicted that Donald Trump, as secular an authoritarian as there ever was, would be that man.  In spite of his legendary failings, he stoked their fears and emboldened them to believe their reactionary and unpopular way of life would “save” America.

With the leaked announcement from the Supreme Court, and its Christian Right, Trump-appointed justices who promised not to do what they now have expressed they will do as soon as possible, the disconnect between what the Christian Right says, and what their actions show, has never been more pronounced.  They have willingly and with malice targeted over half of the population in this country for special mistreatment and denial of their legal rights. That is egregiously wrong, particularly since the primary victims of this punishment will be women of color, who have few resources, and no options. The latest round of anti-abortion laws erases even any exceptions for rape or incest.  And in Louisiana, their law will charge women who exercise their right to choose with murder!  The total disdain for the sanctity of these women’s lives is stunning.

At its essence, Christianity urges us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus himself would weep for these women who have been targeted and made to feel as though they are of no value.  If the Christian Right truly cares about children, why are they not pushing for expanded healthcare for women in general and those who are pregnant, proper sex education for young men and women, help with childcare so that these women can be contributing members of society, universal pre-K to give the children a much-needed boost in their educational foundation — all of which just might encourage more women to decide to have children. Instead, the Christian Right takes great delight in having “won” this long battle to put women back in their place, with no choices, and no futures. They stand by without grace or empathy as women rail against a white man’s government where they have no say even in their own bodies.

It is the worst of times for this country, and yet it may just be the beginning of the Christian Right’s trail of tears to force their way of life on an unsuspecting nation. The question must be where is the Christian Left?  In the 60’s, the Christian Left was a major force in ending an immoral war.  But today, they seem to have disappeared. It is imperative for those who call themselves Christian, and want no association with the Christian Right, to stand up and be counted.  We can drown out the noise of the Christian Right with a simple truth: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40). We see exactly what the Christian Right is doing for the least of these and it is horrifying. The Christian Left must take back the real message of Jesus while we still can.

(Laura Stillman, Class of ’72, BA in Drama and English, recently retired from WRAL-TV)

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