It looks a little bit like a pink of Guinness. A glass of rich dark brown liquid poured on draft and topped with a creamy head of foam. But it’s not beer, and the swirling “cascade” effect marks it as something else entirely. It’s cold nitogenated coffee, fresh from a keg – and it’s right here in Carrboro.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters recently installed a keg and taps at the Open Eye Café that serves both its standard cold-brew coffee and the new NITRObrew variant. The NITRObrew is cold-brewed, infused with nitrogen and stored in a pressurized keg, just like dark beers of the stout and porter variety. The coffee is poured on draft with no additives – such as cream, sugar, or ice – in order to preserve the unique flavor and texture of the beverage.

“After many months of effort, we are particularly excited to introduce our NITRObrew, a truly unique nitrogen and coffee combo working together to bring you smoother, silkier coffee with a luscious creaminess,” says Carrboro Coffee Roasters owner Scott Conary. “The distinct flavor of each coffee from our Farmer Direct Relationships is pronounced, and there is a much more complex aroma and flavor gained through the micro-bubbles in each sip. The nitrogen and the live pour ensures the sweetest and smoothest nitro coffee you have ever tasted. We guarantee you have never had Nitro coffee this sweet and unique before.”

While NITRObrew is currently available at Open Eye, there are plans to offer it elsewhere in the coming year. So, keep an eye out for varieties of NITRObrew at your local coffee shop!