This week’s Hometown Hero is Stephani Kilpatrick, the Residential Services Director for the Inter-Faith Council. During winter months the local men’s, women’s and family shelters are extremely busy. With people needing to escape from the cold, the shelters find themselves at maximum capacity most nights. The IFC works to cater to the needs of all who rely on their services, even if that means setting up extra sleeping cots when there are not enough beds.

“We have our normal bed spaces at the men’s, women’s and family shelters,” said Kilpatrick. “But those stay pretty full because we don’t have a lot of affordable housing in this area. There aren’t extra beds for people when it gets cold, so we provide those extra beds in the form of cots when the weather is below 40 degrees.”

The IFC utilizes word-of-mouth communication in order to increase awareness about their services. Multiple agencies, including the Community Kitchen, local food pantries, CEF, DSS and more partner with the IFC to spread the word about where and when help is available. Contributions to the IFC are always welcome, and the IFC is open to conversation to brainstorm other ways to help out – including volunteering and monetary donations.

“Whatever is easiest for people, we can try to work with that,” said Kilpatrick. “So there is always some way for someone to help out in whatever way works for them. We just always want to be making sure that we are serving people in the best way that we can and making it as easy for them to get shelter when it’s very cold.”

In order to donate to the IFC or to ask questions regarding their services, call the main office at (919) 929-6380 or go online at