This week’s Hometown Hero is George Ann McCay, the volunteer specialist and ESL program manager for Chapel Hill/Carrboro schools. She’s been serving the state for 25 years, with 17 of those spent in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro district.

“I have found that it’s just a wonderful community be a part of here in Chapel Hill,” said McCay. “We have wonderful volunteers who are willing to volunteer in our schools to help make students have better experiences in our schools. The support we get from volunteers is immeasurable.”

McCay is retiring this month to enjoy travelling, spending time with family and to “take a break,” and she feels that her time spend coordinating volunteers and helping students was well spent.

“It’s been a wonderful association,” said McCay. “There’s always a role for someone to get involved in our schools.”

As a parting gift, the George Ann McCay Scholarship has been established and will be awarded to “ESL high school graduates who are identified as highly motivated with leadership potential.”