Why you want a bagel body.

Why you want a bagel body.

The simple rule to stay in shape – falling in love with movement – is taking a delicious pivot today. It’s time to think bagels!

Yep….Bagel, cream cheese, bagel. Think that’s going to ruin your figure?

Wrong, it’s going to make you look svelte and move elegantly.

Here’s the visualization I am getting at. Think of your rib cage and pelvis as bagel halves. Your midsection is the cream cheese.belly

Keeping the top bagel balanced over the bottom bagel will immediately improve your alignment and slim the waist.

Here’s the problem: We simply aren’t aware of the full circumference of our bodies. Most of us try to stand up straight by popping the chest up. This is uncomfortable and dysfunctional! It is very hard to put this body position in motion. You will have pain or soreness, guaranteed.

 bagel body

Not a bagel, not a way to live.

You will be a much more comfortable person if you go Full Bagel. Here is your recipe for feeling delicious:

  1. Allow the bottom bagel to feel stable (lower ab engagement) and straight (tailbone gently down)
  2. Let the entire top bagel float to the ceiling
  3. Relax the shoulders! (they are garnishes)
  4. Feel how the cream cheese gently pulls in, up, and down all around. Now the belly has a chance to sit flush instead of stick out.

Delicious bagel person!

To sum it all up:

Our bagels, Ourselves

and now you will feel like this:


Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan is the owner of Fitness in Chapel Hill. Join her for a free BLAST (Balance, Lengthen, Align, Slim, and Tone) trial class so you can target the core like never before. www.bellyblastfitness.com You can also catch her bellydancing at Kipos on West Franklin every Friday and Saturday night.