I love cake! Maybe that’s why after stumbling upon cake photo after cake photo on Instagram I just had to reach out to Karen’s Cakes 2 Go and find out what the story was behind all these delicious and colorful desserts.

After connecting online, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Karen Byrd, owner of Karen’s Cakes 2 Go in Chapel Hill this week to discuss all things, cake.

Karen’s Cake’s 2 Go, a home based business in Chapel Hill, started over two years ago and has continued to grow, mostly from word of mouth in the community and through social media.  “It was spur of the moment,  I made one for a family member not that that was unusual, we were sitting around talking about it and I always wanted to bake and I just said I wish I could just make things and people would buy them, and my friend said why don’t you?  And that was kind of it,” said Karen.

Karen has lived in the Chapel Hill area for nearly twenty-five years and learned how to bake at home with her mother and grandmother.  Her favorite cake flavor is…. “vanilla almond, I like my chocolate well I like all my cakes but if I’m going to go out and order cake I like vanilla.”

The requests for delicious cakes and baked goods continues to grow as well as Karen’s menu. ” I have a really good chocolate cake and icing that is all Vegan,” said Karen. With more and more people on special diets, it’s important to be able to offer items for everyone, “I’m learning and practicing.”

What are some other item’s that are popular right now? “Cookies, banana bread, and zucchini nut bread are very popular, and cinnamon rolls.” The winner is still her signature chocolate cake, though, and what makes it so special? “My ingredients, I buy good ingredients and I’ve developed a really good recipe that all comes together and it’s really yummy.”

For any special occasion you may have coming up a birthday, wedding, or other celebrations these homemade cakes, cupcakes, and baked goods are sure to be crowd pleasers and are made with lots of love.

You can place your custom cake order and any other requests by emailing KARENSCAKES2Go@GMAIL.COM or visit her website at karenscakes2go.com

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