Sharon Hirsch

Sharon Hirsch

This week we have Part 2 of my conversation with Sharon Hirsch, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC. Following up on our discussion last week, we moved on to taking direct action – how can we help starting RIGHT NOW?!

Sharon tells me that there are specific things we can do and you’ll hear what they are (SPOILER ALERT: When you help parents under stress a little or a lot, you’re preventing child abuse). She also recommends that you ask those who are running for elected office at every level what they propose to do for families and children in terms of funding, public policy and ordering priorities.

Your vote and your interest in public policy matters the MOST right now! So raise your hand and ask, send an email, tweet, write a letter to the editor and talk talk talk about issues that help children and families.

Listen in on Saturday and follow along with the good work that Prevent Child Abuse NC is doing daily to help every child have a great childhood and a strong foundation for life. We ALL have a responsibility to report possible abuse and neglect — not just medical professionals and teachers — everyone. Click here for more about that and how to anonymously report abuse and neglect. Of course, your donations are always welcome. You can donate to PCANC via their website.

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