Gay marriage a deviation from the biblical ideal? Really? Read the Bible. The biblical ideal of marriage is one man, lots of wives, concubines, bride prices and arranged marriages. Is this what we are defending?

If our society’s ideas of marriage have changed, why are some so intent on returning to the past? The past is not what I want to return to.

If our legislature wants to do something to defend marriage, can we not do something about the 50 % divorce rate? My concern is less the parents than the kids who now have to live with a lower standard of living, less well supervised, in two separate household, often with confusing and conflict-filled relationships. That’s a problem I’d like to see tackled. That is what I think of when I think of the benefits of defending marriage.

In reading this suggestion, do you think: How can we dissuade people from digging in and making a marriage work when they have decided it won’t? The heart is a mysterious thing. From the earliest history parents and other authority figures have tried to control who people love and marry. Great literature is written about the failure to control who people fall in love with and how they fall out of love.

We should remember this when considering marriage between adults. Let us accept this mystery and support its success.