Today is Monday, July 18, 2016.  There was some naked lawn mower riding.  Catch some criminals with Pokemon Go.  Bronze is better than silver.

Naked Lawn Mowing

In Missouri, a couple was arrested for riding naked on a stolen lawn mower.  They told officers that their clothes were stolen while they were skinny dipping in a creek.

Catch Criminals with Pokemon Go

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire are trying to lure criminals with Pokemon Go.  They detected a rare Pokemon character, a Charizard, in the booking area.

So, they posted a list of names.  The names on the list were fugitives wanted by the department.  The list in on a Facebook post.

Silver is Better than Bronze

Obviously, an Olympian wants to go for the gold.

But, if you don’t win the gold, you will probably be happier to win the bronze instead of a silver medal.  That’s according to the Centre for Economic Performance.