William Friday

Remembering the Dixie Classic

“It was late, close to midnight, one December night in 1956.” These are the opening lines of “The Classic: How Everett Case and His Tournament Brought Big-Time Basketball to the South,” Bethany Bradsher’s book about The Dixie...

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Deems May reply to Dr. Harmon

Dear Dr. Harmon, Your August 12 opinion published by Chapelboro.com in response to my feelings of Coach Davis’ firing, indicated that my letter “could not have hit further from the intended mark.” I must respectfully disagree by...

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A Letter to Deems May

Dear Deems,   Your August 01 letter published by InsideCarolina.com could not have been further from the intended mark. The subject should have been the University of North Carolina, but it was Deems May.   Your letter included...

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“They are trying to eat Big Bird”

The hundreds of William Friday’s friends and fans who gathered to hear him speak last week might not have guessed that the institutions he worked so hard to build were threatened by the just-released legislative budget...

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