Connor Barth

"Don't Mess This Up"

My one-day stint as a Carolina and Duke Football Recruit It’s no secret that UNC and Duke squabble over basketball recruits. From Michael Jordan to Jason Williams, each school has coveted its neighbor’s latest gem. But that’s...

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Redemption Song

In dedicating yourself to a team as a fan, you enter into a marriage. You’re in it for better and for worse. Within the past two weeks, the Tar Heel faithful have experienced either side of this coin. From a fan’s standpoint,...

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Gio An 'Uncommon' Back

December 16, 2001 was a frigid day in Chicago and the Bears were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Soldier Field.  It was my first full season as Offensive Coordinator and our record was 9-3 at the time (we finished the year...

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