North Carolina’s women’s soccer program, producers of 22 national collegiate championships since 1981, has been named the sixth greatest team of all-time in Beckett Entertainment’s Sports Dynasties Magazine released this month.

In a cover story entitled “30 Greatest Teams of All Time,” the magazine features NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA teams through the ages, ranking teams that reigned during different eras of sport.

North Carolina is specifically cited in the magazine for its dominance of collegiate women’s soccer from 1982 through 2000 when the Tar Heels won all but three NCAA crowns (George Mason in 1985, Notre Dame in 1995, Florida in 1998).

The Tar Heels have gone on to win five titles since 2001. The only schools during that time to win more than one other than Carolina were Portland (2002, 2005) and Notre Dame (2004, 2010).

Malena Jaime served as the editor of the magazine and North Carolina women’s soccer was featured twice in the magazine with both stories being written by Shannon Shelton Miller. UNC is featured in an article at the front of the magazine entitled “The Competitive Cauldron” in addition to the “Queens of the Pitch” in which UNC is featured as the sixth best sports dynasty in the magazine’s rankings.

Here, in order, are the Top 30 Sports Dynasties of All-Time Featured by Beckett Entertainment
Boston Celtics, 1957-69
New York Yankees 1947-62
UCLA Basketball 1963-75
Chicago Bulls 1991-98
Montreal Canadiens 1953-60
University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer 1982-2000
Edmonton Oilers 1984-90
Los Angeles Lakers 1980-91
Pittsburgh Steelers 1972-79
New York Yankees 1936-43
University of Oklahoma Football 1948-58
Green Bay Packers 1961-67
Liverpool FC 1975-90
Montreal Canadiens 1973-79
Minneapolis Lakers 1949-54
University of Iowa Wrestling 1978-97
New York Yankees 1996-2003
New York Islanders 1980-83
Dallas Cowboys 1992-96
Los Angeles Lakers 1999-2010
Manchester United 1990-2013
Oakland A’s 1971-75
San Francisco 49ers 1981-90
Detroit Red Wings 1949-55
New England Patriots 2001-04
Boston Red Sox 1912-18
Green Bay Packers 1929-36
Real Madrid C.F. 1955-61
Houston Comets (WNBA) 1997-2000
Brazil National Team (Soccer) 1958-70