Well, Monday’s press conference held at the penthouse floor of the Kenan Football Center may have had the idyllic view overlooking the stadium, but it certainly didn’t carry with it any celebratory remarks.

No, this one was chock full of head scratching and soul searching. But one telling statement from Coach Fedora summed the situation up pretty well.

“I don’t know if there’s an aspect of what we’re doing offensively that we feel good about yet,” Coach Fedora said.

There was an eerie silence that enveloped the media room following those telling words. And that’s saying a lot. It’s hard to shut up a bunch of vulturine journalists.

Maybe those words felt even heavier coming from the source. After all, they were uttered by the man labeled as a mastermind of the up-tempo machine labeled the ‘Fedora Freak Show’ in the offseason. This man hangs his hat on lighting up the scoreboard.

But, Coach Fedora, I don’t think many Tar Heel fans out there would argue with you about the offense, especially following Saturday’s stall out against the Yellow Jackets.

For the Tar Heels, the second half in Atlanta was as foul as the weather. And Coach Fedora rued the missed opportunity behind the microphone Monday.

“Whatever we could do to shoot ourselves in the foot and to hurt ourselves, we did. And that has kind of been our Achilles heel this year,” Coach Fedora lamented.

But let’s not let the defense completely off the hook either. All last week, motivated Defensive Coordinator Vic Koenning discussed how last season UNC gave up far too many big plays on third downs and tallied up an atrocious amount of missed tackles.
Well, you would have thought Saturday was Groundhog Day. New year, same crummy stuff.

And yes, Carolina was the unfortunate recipient of a few questionable calls that aided Georgia Tech’s winning march. But to be honest, a little home cooking by the men in pinstripes has to be expected on the road.

The onus for the defeat falls squarely on the Tar Heels’ inability maintain intensity for four quarters. And sadly, so far in the Larry Fedora regime, this has become an all too familiar refrain.

Storm clouds are a brewing. Will they break? A gang of Pirates will be invading this weekend. So we will see if sunnier weather is on the horizon.