CHAPEL HILL – You know times have changed in Chapel Hill when a player not named Barth will be kicking field goals for the Tar Heels out on the football field. It fact, it will be the first time since 2004 that Carolina will be starting a place kicker not from the Barth family.

Junior Thomas Moore will no doubt have big shoes to fill this season, but he says preseason training has been going along well.

“They’re going pretty well so far. I’ve hit about 80 percent or so of the field goals in preseason. That went well, so getting ready for the season start,” Moore said.

Moore (an East Chapel Hill High alum) says Connor and Casey Barth are not replaceable, but he says he thinks they taught him some valuable lessons that will aid him in the kicking department.

“Obviously, you can’t replace a Casey or Connor Barth. Those guys are just great guys. You learn from those guys. I’d say a lot of things you learn from Casey is like poise, how to handle the moment, things like that. He was really able to leave his touch on me when he was injured, and I was playing,” Moore said.

Fans all know that many ball games come down to the foot of the kicker. Moore says he understands this reality and says he is up to the challenge, ready for those pressure-cooker moments. He says all the repetitions in practice will lead to him being ready to go when the time comes in the game.

And how does Moore feel about the opener against South Carolina? Well, he says he’s pretty pumped up about the trip down to Columbia and is ready for the crazy atmosphere that awaits him.

“It’s a great opportunity to go in front of the national crowd with millions of people watching. It will be a great environment especially with their fans I know they’re going to be excited to get the game on,” Moore said.