CHAPEL HILL– Perusing the ECU game film didn’t make Head Coach Larry Fedora feel any better about Carolina’s performance on Saturday. Coach Fedora says he may have proved an old adage wrong in the process.

“You all know the old saying that it’s never as bad or good as you think it is? Well, it was as bad as I thought it was. I proved that wrong. The film didn’t show us anything to make us feel any better about it I can tell you that,” Coach Fedora says.

However, Coach Fedora says he’s still supremely confident in his coaching philosophy despite the utter lack of execution in all phases of the game.

“Our philosophy is very sound and is proven. That’s not going to change. It’s not going to waver,” Coach Fedora says.

The most disheartening aspect of Saturday to most observers was the fact that it appeared the Tar Heels were unprepared or unwilling to match the intensity and passion of the Pirates. The game seemed to not be worth fighting for on their home turf for the majority of the contest. And Coach Fedora says he takes responsibility for the letdown.

Sunday’s practice time was spent correcting the laundry list of mistakes made in the game. Coach Fedora says that now it’s about putting the past behind them and making a mental decision to turn the corner.

“Now make a choice and make a conscious choice what you want to do from this point on. And when you come out on Tuesday, let’s go,” Coach Fedora says.

With a tough road trip up to Blacksburg to face a resurgent Virginia Tech team on deck, Coach Fedora says he knows his Tar Heel offense can’t be sputtering against the Bud Foster-coached defense that has its “mojo” back.

“It’s the same guys. They got the mojo back. They’re playing really well together, and they believe in themselves. They’ve got that mojo right now,” Coach Fedora says.

Kickoff at Virginia Tech is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Saturday. And WCHL will have your game day covered beginning with Countdown to Kickoff at 9 a.m.