Those Tar Heels sure made a lot of memories against Wofford.

How nice of the Carolina basketball team to lay an egg just before Christmas and give something the Wofford players, coaches and fans can tell their families and maybe even their grandchildren for years to come. Gather ‘round, and hear the tale!

Did I ever tell you about the time our team went to play the fourth-ranked Tar Heels in the famous Dean Smith Center as a 25-point underdog? We played them toe-to-toe, right down to the wire, they had the last shot to tie. They missed it. We won!

Our coach got a shower from the players afterward. He was a camper at the Carolina Basketball School one summer, and Roy Williams was his counselor. Roy is so nice he gave our coach three games, two up there and one at our place next season. That’s the Merriest of Christmases, I’d say.

Yes, siree, what’s one loss when you can make those kinds of memories for so many good people, and also create a lot of happiness in Durham and Raleigh, as well? Ol’ Roy’s team may have been in the Christmas spirit Wednesday night, but you can bet it will be a bunch of Scrooges against Ohio State come tomorrow afternoon in New Orleans.

Fresh off two practices that weren’t any fun at all, Carolina will try to prove that shocking defeat was a fluke, a lackadaisical play by what the coach called a “fat and happy team,” at least until it was 14 points down in the second half and made one of the classic Carolina comebacks. Only this time it fell short.

I wouldn’t want to be the Buckeyes tomorrow, as long as the hangover from Wofford is gone. The Tar Heels are going on CBS to play an unranked team that they would have spanked anyway. Now, well, I don’t like THE Ohio State University’s chances in the fourth year of the CBS Sports Classic.

By the way, Carolina is in the event for the next two years, but venues have not been announced, which tells me CBS is having a hard time finding the right arena around holiday time. Here is a suggestion: Why not play the double-header at the Smith Center next year and Rupp Arena in Kentucky in 2019?

The lower level tickets would be split between the four teams, including UCLA and Ohio State, but the Heels versus the Wildcats would sell out the upper level in a Chapel Hill minute.

Meanwhile, back in N’awlins, channel your inner Scrooge!