Sterling Manley (right) had six of UNC’s 16 bench points in the win over Duke. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

The win over Duke helped UNC’s seeding – and felt good, too.

The debate is pretty much over between who is the better coach, Roy Williams or Mike Krzyzewski. The debate is now whether Roy is more underrated than Coach K is overrated. The ACC semifinal in Brooklyn settles it in my mind both ways.

Krzyzewski has the most all-time wins in college coaching. He is a great, no doubt, loading up with recruits, adapting to the changes in players and the game and winning five NCAA titles. But if he’s the best coach with the best players, what’s going on?

Was that a deer-in-the-headlights look I saw as Carolina was building a 16-point lead over his mega-talented Blue Devils? I think so, until of course Carolina almost coughed up the dad gum game by trying to do the math on time left and possessions needed for Duke to catch up.

Before then, Roy and the Heels had the royal blue completely bamboozled between their passing, outside shooting and mid-range jumpers against the Duke zone. The Tar Heels got points from seven players, six in double figures, and Duke had four players who scored and four who put up goose eggs.

Williams admits he’s stubborn, but his coaching this season has been flexible to say the least. The way UNC got shots against the Duke defense is not the old Carolina zone offense. It is new, creative and fun to watch. I’m convinced if his shooters hadn’t frozen up the last ten minutes in Durham, it would have been a triple play. The Heels are a better T-E-A-M.

So what did that win mean, besides making us all feel really good Saturday morning? For one, it assured the Heels a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament, the one that really counts. Clearly, the winner of that game was going to Charlotte with Virginia, and a sold-out, screaming crowd should help UNC win two games and move on to the West Regional.

Have you noticed that Carolina has a chance to reverse what happened to the last Tar Heel team not to make the Final Four? The West Regional is in LA’s Staples Center, where Joel and Theo played as freshmen in the 2015 Sweet Sixteen and lost to a Big Ten team, Wisconsin, in a very close game.

Hmmm, looks like it could be Michigan this time.