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Welcome to “Embrace The Space!” A monthly segment presented by Trinsic Residential Group, “Embrace The Space” features conversations with experts and professionals in town planning, discussing how differing concepts — from land use and housing to transportation and beyond – all come together to create a community that works, and works for people. This month, 97.9 The Hill’s Aaron Keck was joined by Tai Huynh to talk about Chapel Hill’s town council and the interface between local government and real estate development.

Huynh, a North Carolina native, graduated from UNC in 2020. According to Huynh, frequent off-campus trips and close relationships with local refugee communities led to strong Chapel Hill ties, and that involvement became advocacy which eventually became a position on Chapel Hill’s town council. In his position as council member, Huynh is part of the evaluation and approval process for new development.

“A few things that I definitely look for is how much legwork the developer has done in terms of figuring out the context of what’s around them,” said Huynh. “You know, have they talked to the neighbors? Have they engaged the community around what they’re trying to do? Because it’s more than just building buildings.

“I think, a lot of times, people think all that we do is look at the design of a building and then, you know, approve it essentially based on that,” Huynh continued. “But there’s a lot that goes into it. You know, what is the use? Does it make sense in that area? Is it adding additional community benefit? Not only that immediate area, but our community as a whole.”

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“Embrace The Space” is a monthly segment presented by Trinsic Residential Group on 97.9 The Hill and featuring conversations with experts and professionals exploring town planning, from land use to housing to transportation, and examine how so much works together to form a place where people can not only live — but thrive.

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