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Sibling Rivalry Sports: Alexander the Great Pt. 2: The NCAA Factor

Join Chris and C.L. as they welcome Jonathan Alexander from to talk Tar Heel title hopes, Coach’s candor and grown’ out your locks. Also, who would you want to be your sponsor if you were an NCAA athlete? Only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Defenders 3 with Erik Moses

How often do you get to hear directly from the President of a professional football franchise? Yep, we got it like that. ERIK MOSES, President of the New XFL’s DC Defenders, digs in with the Brothers Brawl! Also, let’s talk about this rumor of the OTHER Washington football team enamored with Mike Tomlin. Plus, can the Tar Heels make it all the way to the BCS Championship?! ONLY on Sibling Rivalry Sports!!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: The Rambunctious Return of Referee Rich with a Roar

Referee Rich segment is back with a brotherly vengeance!! Lots to sort out, including whether that KO hit on Rudolph was legal, whether Baker burnt Sherman on purpose (and is he mad, bro?), and who the real number one is in NCAAF. Plus, are we American sports leagues wasting our time trying to plant seeds in other countries?? Look how well that’s going in China right now! Lend us your ear… or, your Twitter Verification. Only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Roethlisberger Flew and Deion Knew! Ft. Will Graves!

Turk 182! But wait, it’s not the 1980s. Yes, it is the era where a player can dictate his team. It’s the era where injuries seem to abound when the perception of a team is not optimal. And it’s an era where college players are about to get pizzzz-aid. Will Graves, AP all-around sports reporter for the metropolis of Pittsburgh, joins us. Hope you will too!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Footballaneous 2019 with Stephen Holder!

As immediate as the announcement from Andrew Luck was, so is our coverage featuring veteran sportswriter and the’s beat reporter for the Indianapolis Colts, Stephen Holder. Also, football season is here! All kinds of predictions and prognosis are happening right now on Sibling Rivalry Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Brown, Brown & Brown but never the Browns

As we cross the finish line of the summer sports lull marathon, tenured Pro Football reporter and staff writer Clifton Brown joins us! Chris and backup rock slinger Rich Hallstrom get at it while the gettin’s good. Only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: All Talk and No Balk

Don’t look now but it’s the dawn of a busy sports season, and we’re at no loss for topics on Sibling Rivalry Sports! We will touch on Roger Goodell versus the city of New Orleans, college football attendance numbers, and PJ Hairston on the comeback trail. Not to mention the return of fan favorite, the BrownOut only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: It’s Maurice Leggett’s (Albany) Empire, we’re just living in it.

This week, giving us a pre-playoff game visit is longtime CFL All-Star and current Albany Empire d-back Maurice Leggett. Also, C.L. dishes on the All-Decade Tar Heels, and the BrownOut. Only, only, only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: All-American Week

This week, Chris and C.L. are out of the pocket but they have kept the All-American guest list close to the vest. Join and revisit excellent conversations with 3-time Olympian Jenny Simpson and Super Bowl Champ/UNC defensive backs coach Dre Bly. Only on Sibling Rivalry Sports!