Sibling Rivalry Sports

Sibling Rivalry Sports: THE BOONE DOCKS IT HOME ON SRS!

Senior writer Rod Boone covers the Charlotte Hornets for, and he’ll be sharing a preview of the NBA with Chris and C.L. Also, C.L. has a great new idea for professional sports use of instant replay, and the return of the BrownOut. You’re on the clock with Sibling Rivalry Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Who Needs Moderation?! with Referee Rich

When is the last time we had a moderated brawl?! Veteran Seahawk Reporter “Referee” RICH HALLSTROM is here to update that record. Or, is he here to win?!!? Also, KD injury conundrum, and US Women’s Soccer Celebration hijinx. Folks, just let your Soul Glo. Only on Sibling Rivlary Sports!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: (Whose) Finals (are in) Jeopardy with Gary Washburn!

The Brown Brothers continue brawlin’ and shotcallin’ joined by the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn! We talk Cleveland Browns Hype Train (the NFL’s version of Golden State? Really?!), NCAA Baseball vs. MLB, and of course, The BrownOut. Where else ya gonna get all this, plus a Top Five list? ONLY on Sibling Rivalry Sports.

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Diamond Fox – Mike Fox, UNC Baseball

There’s the Desert Fox. The FireFox. Even the Jamie Foxx. But WE have the Diamond Fox!! UNC Baseball head coach Mike Fox joins the Rivalry, just ahead of an NCAA Regional playoff round hosted by his team in Chapel Hill. Also, Golden State dynasty talk and NFL strike potential. That’s two strikes mentioned…but now you’ve got yourself a HIT with Sibling Rivalry Sports!!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears – Master of the Summer!

Join our first repeat guest, the great Marc J. Spears, Sr. NBA writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated. He’s sharing the on-location scoop from the NBA Conference Finals. Also, NFL Marijuana Policy adjustment and the BrownOut!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Nate Taylor and Mama’s Boys

It might be an odd time to go all KC Chiefs with it, but the case of Tyreek Hill, along with the Dorsey-esque history with players like Kareem Hunt, demand expert insight from KC Chief beat writer, Nate Taylor. We’ll also talk NHL bandwagons, NCAA trasnfer portal, and most importantly, Mother’s Day! Go buy Yo’ Mama a gift and then listen to Sibling Rivalry Sports!!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Jonathan Alexander the Great(ly delayed appearance but we made up for it)

Chris and C.L. …it IS him and not Loki, right?… bring the ball downcourt this week with Carolina Beat Reporter JONATHAN ALEXANDER of the Raleigh News and Observer talking multiple sports and multiple stories of NBA 2K near-wins. Also, post-NFL draft takes and the return of the BrownOut. No Endgame/GOT Spoilers! … except for a few major details.

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Major in the Majors and Arbuckling Up!

This week, and extraordinary combo of sports and entertainment, with former Indy Colt & ESPN College Football commentator CHARLES ARBUCKLE, and Filmmaker, Youth Basketball Coach, and former Semi-pro Baller CARL MAJOR POTTER of “It’s Major! The Movie.” This is a fun, insightful and entertaining episode, worth your DL/stream time. Well, they all are. But this one especially. Well, all of them, too. W/E!

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Michael Lee and other Ageless Wonders

This week, the NBA will have its’ say with Senior NBA reporter Michael Lee. Also, dissecting the dearth of Draft descriptions, Tiger talk, other ageless greats as well. Only from 97.9 The Hill, where we Always (Kurt) Chill

Sibling Rivalry Sports: Ref Rich Hallstrom & CBB Denouement

Referee Rich Hallstrom, veteran sports reporter and co-author of the Thunder Sports Network, joins Chris and C.L. this week as they verbally document the finality of the college basketball season, and argue about pretty much everything else. If only A.B. and JuJu were brothers… But nah, we aren’t petty like that.