Ellie Kinnaird

Big Business vs. Small Business

Most of us would say that we believe in buying local.  It’s like saying we believe in hot dogs, apple pie, and the Fourth of July. But, do we put our money where our mouth is? Let’s face it, there are certain goods and merchandise that simply cannot be bought locally and reasonable prices.  Because of high overhead and not being able to buy large lots of goods at lower prices, local merchants simply cannot compete with the big chain stores and national discounters. It seems though that our town’s officials have adopted a protectionist attitude.  If it’s not...

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Are Assault Weapons Toys Appropriate for Halloween Costumes?

A friend of mine went into a local pop-up store to look for a Halloween costume for her grandson.  She was horrified to find a rack of toy assault weapons that are paired with various costumes for boys.  She thought this inappropriate and insensitive.  She asked me to inquire with the store with what their policy was regarding the role of lethal weapons as appropriate for children. I confirmed the assault weapons display and asked a clerk if they thought it questionable. The clerk said, “it did.” But the clerk was just working a low-wage, temporary job and was...

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