RALEIGH – The National Weather Service in Raleigh issued a flash flood watch for central North Carolina, including Alamance, Chatham, Durham, and Orange counties until Thursday evening.

National Weather Service Science Operations Officer, Jonathan Blaes says there’s no way of knowing exactly when or where the rains may hit.

“The heavy rain will come in fits and starts,” Blaes says. “It will be, not widespread or to the affect where it’s raining all the time, but when we do get any showers or thunderstorms, they will be capable of producing extremely heavy rain. They’ll be slow-moving, so there’s a potential that when it rains hard, it could be raining very hard over any given location.”

And Blaes says there’s not just one cell that the Weather Service is monitoring.

“There’s not an obvious line or feature that’s easy to describe, but there will likely be multiple rounds of these kind of clusters of thunderstorms moving across central North Carolina during the next 12-24 hours,” Blaes says. “So, just because you have one go through doesn’t mean there won’t be any more later in the day or overnight.”

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