RALEIGH – National Weather Service Meteorologist Jonathan Blaes says Thursday’s rain showers will usher in cold temperatures heading into the weekend, but no frozen precipitation is expected early in the New Year.

“As the rain departs, the cold air will move in,” Blaes says. “Cold will be the big weather story, really, as we head into Friday and Saturday with lows Friday night in the teens.”

Blaes says commute times shouldn’t be greatly affected due to weather throughout the week. But, if you’re in your car early Friday morning, a little extra caution might be a good idea.

“With some rain Thursday and Thursday night, there could be a few icy spots Friday morning,” Blaes says.

Remember, bridges and overpasses freeze before regular roadways.

Thursday night’s low is 26 degrees; Friday night’s low is 19.

Blaes says with temperatures so cold, it’s important to prepare your home, especially things outside.

“When we get temperatures that cold, it’s always important to think about your pets that you have outside,” Blaes says. “It’s important to make sure your hoses and whatnot have been disconnected from your house; you may want to keep the water dripping if you’re susceptible to any kind of icing in your pipes.”

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