We are celebrating the life of Eve Carson Wednesday and the passion she had for UNC, her fellow students, and the campus community. Since the Eve Carson Scholarship was established in 2008 following her passing six years ago, organizers estimate that close to $220,000 has been awarded to 11 Carolina students for support during their senior year.

UNC senior Elizabeth Davis is the Executive Director of the scholarship, which is the only student-run merit grant provided through the University, recognizing those who have shown growth during their collegiate careers.

It is an opportunity, Davis said, to give back to fellow-students and remember Eve and her legacy that has helped so many.

“One of the things that I realize when I got to campus as a freshman was that Eve’s name was everywhere. It wasn’t about her death but about the positive impact she had on the Carolina community. Everyone who knew Eve said she was the most fun person to be around. Not only was she smart and kind but also really humble. She just had really amazing ideas for the University and where it was going forward,” Davis said.

Davis described Eve as a “visionary” for many reasons, but particularly because she included the idea for a student-run scholarship in her platform when she successfully ran for student body president.

“While I didn’t personally know her, a lot of my friends knew her and people involved with the scholarship before me knew her. We are constantly looking at Eve’s documents from her student government platform and are reevaluating what our vision and mission for the scholarship is. I definitely feel like I knew her.”

Carson, courtesy University Gazette

Carson, courtesy University Gazette

Wednesday marks the anniversary of Eve’s murder. Davis said that while it is important to always remember, the scholarship committee’s goal is to shift the focus toward commemorating Eve’s leadership, rather than the tragedy.

Her vibrant spirit is what Davis said drives so many to contribute to the scholarship.

“It is really all about students celebrating students, which I don’t think many organizations on campus can say. It is such an awesome thing to be the only student-run scholarship,” Davis said.

Approximately 3,500 people have donated to the scholarship. Per student, Davis explained it breaks down to about $15,000 for tuition and other expenses, in addition to $5,000 awarded for a summer study experience.

It began as an award given to one student per year, then expanded to two in 2012, and next year, Davis said they hope to award it to three students.

As the years pass, Davis said the donations have increased and involvement with the scholarship has become more far-reaching. Alumni events are being held across the country to raise funds and awareness.

For more information on how you can donate to the Eve Carson Scholarship, click here.

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