A night parking policy for UNC students and employees that will take effect in mid-August has some people questioning its fairness.

The new policy ends free night parking on campus. Students, with the exception of freshmen, will soon be required to pay a $10.40 fee.

As reported in the Daily Tar Heel, some students are grumbling about that.

But the people taking the biggest hit in the wallet are nighttime employees of UNC, who will be required to buy a pass to park in all UNC lots after 5 p.m., at the yearly cost of between $227 and $390, based on a pay scale. Those employees used to park for free.

The Daily Tar Heel reports that at least one UNC employee, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Dr. Sibby Anderson-Thompkins, is appealing to the UNC Department of Public Safety to change the new policy.

Writing for OrangePolitics.org, blogger Erin Crouse argues that the lowest paid employees may simply decide to park in nearby neighborhoods, which could make them targets for crime, as well as angering homeowners on those streets.