CHAPEL HILL-: For many families, the Super Bowl is a time for watching the big game and stuffing your face with wings. But for one UNC alumnus it’s something more. Corey Holliday is the Assistant Athletic Director for football at UNC, but he was also a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1996 Super Bowl when they took on the Dallas Cowboys. He spoke with Carolina Connection’s Mark Haywood.
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The Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX, but Holliday still has plenty of memories, filling in for starter Ernie Mills after he was injured.“It was really exciting,” he says. “It started the year before, when we lost an AFC championship game that we were predicted to win. It just made the whole team work even harder the next year to make those things come true.”When Carolina plays N.C. State every year, it creates a rivalry—but Holliday says things change in the NFL.

“Once you get to that level, it’s more of a job,” he says. “You’re not worrying about bragging rights so much as you’re worrying about keeping your job. It’s your job to go out and win. But, you also want to make your city proud.”

After the Steelers fell in Super Bowl XXX, Holliday says even though he had some regrets, he doesn’t regret the memory.

“There was a lot of disappointment, but we also just kept in mind that we might get another opportunity. That never happened, but it’s something that you always cherish, and it’s a big part of my life now.

And now that Holliday is several years removed from the NFL, he says he plans to spend Super Bowl Sunday the same way as the average American.

“I’ll be looking to see who has the best commercials,” he laughs. “I cheer for the Carolina guys or the Steelers if they’re playing, and aside from that, I’m just having fun.