CHAPEL HILL – In the wake of mounting controversies, fifty percent of voters disapprove of the job that the N.C. Department of Heath and Human Services is doing, according to a new poll.

Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling in Raleigh reports that virtually the same percentage disapprove within the different parties, with 51 percent of Democrats, 49 percent of Republicans, and 50 percent of independents who are unhappy with the DHHS.

“There have been a lot of calls for Pat McCrory to fire DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos, but we found that most voters do not have an opinion about firing her one way or the other,” Jensen says.

Of the voters polled who do have an opinion about Wos, Jensen says that 38 percent think she should be replaced compared to only 14 percent who think North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory should keep her.

Matters of controversy swirling around the DHHS involve high salaries for certain employees, the hiring of politically connected aides, and most recently, a breach of security involving Medicaid data.

A higher number of Republicans than Democrats polled think that Wos should be fired.

“I think that is a product of the fact that Republican voters can see that Wos is really hurting the McCrory Administration’s image.”

The Medicaid card breach affected more than 49,000 patients in North Carolina.

DHHS mistakenly sent the Medicaid cards of children to the wrong recipients. The agency determined that the erroneous mailing was because of human error in quality assurance and computer programming.