Photo courtesy of Rep. Bordsen’s Facebook.

CHAPEL HILL – Former North Carolina Senator Ellie Kinnaird says she’s not endorsing anyone for the appointment process because it’s not a campaign, but before she left the seat, she already had someone in mind to take her place.

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Alice Bordsen is the former State Representative for District 63 serving the western portion of Alamance County. Sen. Kinnaird was Rep. Bordsen’s work supervisor in the music library when she was a graduate student, and that only started their long history together.

“We are very old friends,” Rep. Bordsen says.

***Listen to the Interview with Rep. Alice Bordsen***

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Rep. Bordsen says she’d love to continue past the end of Sen. Kinnaird’s term in the Senate seat, but that’s not what she’s focusing on right now.

“I believe that the focus at this point ought to be solely on who can best complete Senator Kinnaird’s term in the manner that she desires, and who can actually follow her priorities,” Rep. Bordsen says. “I know that I can do that. I have a very strong legislative record, and we have strong connections there.”

One thing that every person who has filed has agreed on is shifting the power in the General Assembly back to blue.

“You don’t have to just be from a cranky county to make demands of a cranky legislature,” Bordsen says. “Everybody needs to be making demands on their legislators to the Republican majority to behave better, to act better, and to care more about their own people.”