CHAPEL HILL – The short session of the North Carolina General Assembly doesn’t begin until June, and Senator Valerie Foushee says she’s taking the time to meet with the people she represents both in Raleigh and out in the community.

“I’ve established office hours in Raleigh, and I’ve also engaged in town hall meetings; I’ve had two of them now: one in Hillsborough, and one in Pittsboro,” Sen. Foushee says. “It’s been exciting getting to meet new people and having the opportunity to reconnect with others that I’ve served before and just hearing their concerns.”

Sen. Foushee was appointed to the District 23 seat replacing 17-year senator, Ellie Kinnaird. She left the House of Representatives District 50 seat which was recently filled by Graig Meyer.

The legislative shuffle leaves Sen. Foushee and Rep.-appointee Meyer finishing out the terms that expire in December 2014. That puts the primary election one week before either will officially govern from their new seat.

“I didn’t run to campaign, I ran to serve,” Sen. Foushee says. “I serve every day. So, I don’t give too much thought about who’s going to run or what’s going to happen. Every day when I step outside, I’m thinking about how I’m serving the people of District 23.”

Click here for Meyer’s plan for fighting to hold onto the House 50 seat.

Hopeful municipal and school board leaders are currently fighting that fight in Orange County, as Election Day is Tuesday.

If the early voting period is a sign of things to come, Sen. Foushee says she’s concerned about this year’s turnout in Orange County.

“I’m hoping that people are not developing complacency, because this is critical that we do exercise our right to vote,” Sen. Foushee says.

And she says it’s important to get the right people in office, not just for governing you at the local level.

“One of the ways we prepare leaders for state and national levels is to be involved at the local level, because all politics is local,” Sen. Foushee says.

Tune in to the WCHL Sunday Morning News to hear about a town hall meeting Sen. Foushee is holding in Chapel Hill Next week.

She says you can meet with her Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Legislative Office Building