RALEIGH – After 96 arrests and three consecutive weeks of NAACP protests at the NC General Assembly, rally leader Rev. William Barber has declared the “wave of civil disobedience” will continue.

Chapel Hillians have been protesting as well—some getting arresting.

But on the other side of the rallies are the police—the General Assembly has its own police unit—working to keep the situation controlled.

“They have been peaceful but at times are violating the building rules. They have been noisy and disruptive, disrupting the General Assembly Process,” said GA Police Chief Jeff Weaver.

Protesters have been singing and chanting outside chamber doors while the General Assembly is in session— against what they call a regressive agenda.

Those who have been arrested during previous rallies where warned before entering the building that they would be arrested again for trespassing.

Weaver says the 49 arrested during Monday’s “Moral Monday” protest faced charges of violating building rules, failure to disperse and trespassing.

Weaver says his strategy is to anticipate the crowd size and adjust accordingly

“ We’ve had to bring in additional personnel for the safety of the participants as well as everyone else involved,” Weaver said.

NC Senator Ellie Kinnaird participated in the protest this week but was not arrested.

“The officers who were there we very respectful of the people who they were arresting and of the people watching,” Kinnaird said.