CHAPEL HILL – Former Chapel Hill Town Council member James Protzman announced this spring that he will run for governor in the 2016 election. This decision came two years earlier than most declare their candidacy.

Protzman will be joining Ron Stutts on the WCHL Morning News Tuesday during the 7:00 a.m. hour to talk about his plans for entering the Democratic primary race.

***Protzman had to go out of town last minute and won’t be on the air Tuesday. We will reschedule his interview.

Protzman said on his website that he was worried about the future of North Carolina due to the Republican supermajority in the General Assembly.

His platform issues include the improvements to the environment, education and the economy.

His professional life began as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy, according to his biography.  After graduation in 1972, he served as a Naval officer and was assigned to duty at Camp Lejeune. During that tour, he worked with the Army and Air Force units, and completed more than twenty airborne operations.

In 1977, he went on to graduate school at UNC- Chapel Hill and then started his own business.

He was elected to the Chapel Hill Town Council in the early 1990s, and served on numerous non-profit boards over the past three decades.

Today, he works as a freelance writer and business consultant.