Raleigh-Durham International Airport is offering the opportunity to sign up for the Transportation Security Administration’s Pre-Check program.

Spokesperson for the TSA, Sari Koshetz, describes what the program is all about:

“TSA Pre-Check is a program in which TSA pre-screens individuals so that your experience at the checkpoint can be more expedited,” says Koshetz.

For those who are officially in the program, she says the advantages of TSA Pre-Check include keeping your shoes and belt on, keeping various liquids, gels, and aerosols, and allowing your laptop to remain in your carry-on bag while it goes through the x-ray.

Koshetz says that this will allow TSA to focus more on travelers lacking information, and less on those who are not worth the trouble.

“This is a risk-based, intelligence-driven initiative that TSA is using to move away from a one-size-fits-all security posture,” says Koshetz. “By placing more focus on pre-screening passengers, we are able to expedite the process in the checkpoint for these known travelers. That allows us to focus more attention on those we know less about.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that over 1,000 guns have been confiscated in the U.S., and RDU has collected 17 guns this year. With this new program brings up the concern of how guns and other dangerous and illegal items can still make it onto planes.

Koshetz says that while its not a good thing that people are still being caught attempting to bring guns onboard, she assures that they are catching them every time and the Pre-Check program only makes the security process better.

“TSA is stopping guns across the nation at every airport,” she says. “This program actually strengthens security because everybody will be screened, but it gives us more time to focus on the higher-risk passengers.”

To learn more about the Pre-Check program, click here.