The Orange County Sheriff’s Office releases a daily crime report, which recently has contained repeated warnings of phone call scams that have been occurring in the county.

Authorities say residents should be on the look out for multiple scams to avoid being fooled around the holidays.

One scammer has been calling residents claiming to be a deputy and demanding payment or be arrested. According to the sheriff’s office report, no law enforcement agency will ever call and demand payment over the phone.

Another scam that has seen significant uptick, particularly in the Wake County area, targets grandparents. The report states that the callers have used a line pretending to be a grandchild in distress who needs money.

In three instances this month, grandparents fell victim to the scam, losing a total of $44,900.

This year, 32 victims have lost more than $184,000.

Additionally, earlier this month the Carrboro Police Department warned of a scam phone call claiming to be Duke Energy and demanding money for “unpaid bills”.

If you are unsure of a phone call, officials advise hanging up and calling a business or person directly. You are also encouraged to report all suspicious activity.

For more information, contact the Orange County’s Sheriff’s Office or file a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Justice.