The Chapel-Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education meets Tuesday night for a work session to discuss possible budget cuts, at a time when local governments are uncertain about what the state legislature has in store.

Without a guiding budget consensus between the House and Senate in Raleigh, the Chapel Hill Carrboro Board of Education is moving forward with a plan to balance the budget with more than $850,000 in cuts, while bracing for an additional $1 million in reductions.

Those proposed cuts and their priority levels will be discussed at the meeting.

The initial list includes reducing gifted specialists by 4.5 full-time personnel. And the local driver education subsidy would be cut by $40,000.

First on the list of the next round of cuts, in order of priority, would be to eliminate the service learning coordinator and program. Next, custodial positions would be cut by 7.5 full-time positions.

Third on the list: The work year for teacher assistants could be reduced for $150,000 in savings.

Those are just a few of the recommended cuts on the two lists.

The Board plans to adopt a final budget on July 17. There may be additional meetings tacked onto the calendar if the state budget is leaner than anticipated when it comes to education, according to the Superintendent’s office.

The meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Center at 750 South Merritt Mill Road in Chapel Hill.