Carolina For The Kids provides meals to parents whose children are in treatment, and the group also help families by their medical bills.

According to Elizabeth Soffer, the organizations marketing chair, Carolina for the Kids is the largest student run philanthropy in North Carolina.

On March 1, Carolina for the Kids held a fundraiser with the goal of $50,000. They came very close, raising $49,350.63

“So we did that by initiating several committee led phone-a-thons, individual fundraising pushes through social media, individual outreach to friends and family and we raised over $49,000 dollars in just one day,” said Soffer.

Soffer said with the money they raised they could help about 115 families with bill payment assistance for a month.

“We are incredibly proud because that money has the ability to provide specific assistance to so many new families we’ve never been able to reach before,” said Soffer.

Most of the funds, Soffer said, would go toward a new primary care unit for the UNC Children’s Hospital. Carolina For the Kids is hoping to raise $2.5 million for the project.

“So we wanted to make primary care more accessible for the children of North Carolina and in building this clinic the physicians and the administrators at the hospital have told us that primary care will be more accessible, who otherwise would have not had easy access to it,” said Soffer.

Their recent fundraiser was one month before their biggest event of the year, the UNC Dance Marathon. Students dance on stage non-stop on Friday April 1 through the night into the next day.

“The vast majority of our fundraising, we are really proud to say, comes from our dancers, so those are students who at the beginning of October pledged to raise $150 dollars and stand for 24 hours in solidarity with out families at this annual event,” said Soffer.

Last year Soffer said over 1,000 students raised money and participated in the event and she said even more kids have signed up this year.

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