CHAPEL HILL – Several former WWE wrestlers are in Chapel Hill to help raise money for Margaret Pollard Middle School as “The Hurricane” Shane Helms and a few others host Omega Championship Wrestling’s “Chapel Thrill”.

“As anybody that’s a teacher these days knows, the budget on this school got cut pretty bad,
Helms says. “What Omega’s going to do, we’re going to come in, we’re going to put on this show, we’re going to put on a really good show, and the proceeds are going to go to help this school out.”

Other former WWE wrestlers include Matt Hardy, C.W. Anderson, among others.

Helms and Hardy helped originally found Omega Wrestling several years ago before joining the WWE.  Helms says that now with the rebirth of Omega they have begun giving back to the community.

“In the three shows that we’ve done previously, we’ve raised almost $25,000 in funds,” Helms says. “One was a cancer benefit for a guy we knew, one was for a church group that one of our wrestlers was associated with, and the East Wake one.”

Several matches will take place during the “Chapel Thrill” Heavy Weight Wresting Champion including Helms versus King Shane Williams, a champion from Tennessee.

Hardy says that his match and several others have high intensity between the competitors.

“This Saturday, when I get in the ring with C.W., sometime those matches that you get in there and you really have to be on your guard end up being the best matches just because it produces such a real, such an athletic, such an almost violent element,” Helms says. “It’s not going to be a wrestling match, it’s going to be fight.”

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