CHAPEL HILL– Michael Harris of Phillips Middle School was named the District Teacher of the Year at the Annual Recognition Reception Friday.

Harris is a Social Studies teacher with fourteen years of experience, has a bachelor’s degree in biomechanics from the University of California at Davis, and a teaching certificate from Chapman University in Orange, CA.  Harris received a $1,000 check from Harrington Bank, as well as gifts from area businesses.

Sherry Norris of Seawell Elementary and Suzanne Stokes of Frank Porter Graham Elementary were named as Honor Teachers as well.

Other Teachers of the Year were recognized included:  Emily Moorman, Carrboro Elementary; Megen Vesser, Ephesus Elementary; Kris Swanson, Estes Hills Elementary; Candace White, Glenwood Elementary; Pam McAllister, McDougle Elementary; Becky Springer, Morris Grove Elementary; Nidhi Cash, Rashkis Elementary; Hannah Stang, Scroggs Elementary; Mimi Collins, Culbreth Middle School; Nichole Stewart, McDougle Middle School; Mackenzie Casey, Smith Middle School; Mark Kadlecik, Carrboro High School; Stephen Blackwell, Chapel Hill High; and Michelle Michaels, East Chapel Hill High.