CHAPEL HILL – If you were forced to abandon a vehicle in Chapel Hill town limits during Wednesday’s snow storm and it was not impeding traffic or plow crews, it is likely still there, according to a news release from the Town at noon on Thursday.

Vehicles that are still in the roadway and are a danger to crews will be towed, but Town Officials warn the roads are still hazardous.

Most vehicles that were parked off the roadside remain where they were left. The vehicles that have been towed within the Chapel Hill town limit were moved for the safety of the traveling public and to ensure that plow and salt/sand trucks can clear roads.

Vehicles Towed within the Town of Chapel Hill (and locations found):

– 2000 Pontiac VSM-5609 Silver Raleigh Rd (54W) at Friday Center Dr.
– Pontiac BCD-4990 Green Fordham Blvd (15-501) near Elliott Road
– 2004 Jeep WTW-1237 Red Estes Drive near Village Drive
– 2002 Ford CEK-1620 Red Fordham Blvd (15-501) near St Thomas More
– 1999 Merced. MVY-5380 Silver MLK near Police Department
– 2009 Hyundai YZC-8830 Silver E. Franklin near Elizabeth St.

Questions? Call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-968-2760

Vehicles Towed Outside Town Limits: 

If the vehicle was off the roadway and is not considered a safety hazard, it will NOT immediately be towed. For drivers to track down abandoned vehicles outside city limits, contact the NC State Highway Patrol- 919-733-3861.

Snow Storm Response Continues

Town of Chapel Hill offices and non-essential services will remain closed today (Thursday, Feb. 13) following the snow storm.

The Town’s essential employees, including public safety officers and public works employees, continue their important work today to address storm issues and assist people.

Public works and NC Department of Transportation crews are plowing and re-plowing and salting/sanding the primary streets until bare pavement is achieved.


When will your street be plowed?  :

See for assisting information including a map that shows where crews have been to plow roads.